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About Karimunjawa

This page is to offer you some basic information about Karimunjawa. Just because it is nice to know some of the background about the archipelago you are (maybe) planning to visit.

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General information about Karimunjawa

Karimunjawa is located in the Java Sea. It lies 80 kilometer north west of the city Jepara in Central Java. Karimunjawa exists of 27 islands. Five of the islands are inhabited. Since 2001, 22 of the islands in Karimunjawa are declared as a Marine Protection area which makes Karimunjawa one of the national parks of Indonesia.

The story behind Karimunjawa tells that the island group is discovered by Sunan Nyamplungan. He is the nephew of Sunan Kudus. Sunan Kudus is one of the saints of Islam in Indonesia. He had an important role in spreading the Islamic religion in Indonesia.

The translation of Karimunjawa from Javanese language means ‘a stone’s throw from Java’. Another translation of the area may say it comes from the word Kremun-Kremun, which means ‘not clear’. We like to refer Karimunjawa as ‘something blurry seen from Java’. The total area of Karimunjawa is 78 km² big. The main Island referred by locals as Karimun consists of 27.000 m² land (2,700 ha). The second largest island Kemujan is 14.000 m² big (1,400 ha).

For more information about Karimunjawa or if you have some additional questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Karimunjawa as holiday destination

At the moment Karimunjawa is becoming a more popular destination for travelling in Java, Indonesia. The nature of Karimunjawa is still pure. It is an interested place to visit as it offers various underwater and overland adventures. Besides this you are able to find the idealistic picture of white sandy beaches and clear blue water in Karimunjawa.

During the year the average temperature in Karimunjawa lies between 26 until 30 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in Karimunjawa is around 22 degrees Celsius and the maximum 34 degrees Celsius. For more information about the current weather in Karimunjawa try weather sites. They are not completely accurate, but they give you a good idea about the weather in Karimunjawa.

Period for travelling to Karimunjawa

The best period for travelling to Karimunjawa is from the end of February until the beginning of December. Outside this period the boats can be a little bit unreliable because of the raining season. For more information about Karimunjawa’s travel period send us an email with your considered arrival dates and let us know if you have any concerns. We will give you a fair picture of risks and weather conditions.