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Day tours in Karimunjawa

Not everybody likes to travel with a holiday packages. But of course you still like to experience something in Karimunjawa. We offer (besides packages) also daily tours at our office in Karimunjawa. These tours in Karimunjawa are for all the travelers who decided to come to Karimunjawa without a package. We offer the following day tours or multiple day tours:

  • Island Hopping and Snorkeling (joining or private option)
  • Island Expedition 2 days 1 night
  • Island Expedition 3 days 2 nights
  • Karimunjawa and Kemujan Overland
  • Mangrove Trekking
  • Batu Lawang Trekking
  • Joko Tuwo View Point
  • Tanjung Gelam Beach
  • Lagoon Trekking Tour

Tours in Karimunjawa

Where to book these tours in Karimunjawa?

You can book the tours directly at our office. We also offer up front booking for day tours. We made this option available in combination with the booking of boat tickets. A lot of backpackers found these option useful as they are sure they will be able to board the boat to Karimunjawa. Besides this they do one or more tours in Karimunjawa.

Customized tours

If you have special wishes for tours in Karimunjawa we are able to help you customize these tours. Just contact us and explain us your wishes. We will try to organize a tour that completely satisfies your wishes.