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All Karimunjawa Rental Policy


Rentals are subject to availability. In the event that we do not have availability, we will gladly assist you in finding alternative rental options elsewhere.

Reservations can be conveniently made online through our website or in-person at our office. Thank you for considering All Karimunjawa for your rental needs.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

For further details and inquiries regarding our Booking & Cancellation policy for rental and other services, we kindly ask you to refer to our booking & cancellation policy page.

Please note that by booking your service, you are automatically agreeing to this policy. Thank you for your understanding.


All Karimunjawa cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred while renting our services. We highly recommend obtaining travel insurance that covers both personal injury and damage to our properties.

Please note that certain travel insurance policies may not fully cover all types of vehicle rentals.

Customers without travel insurance remain fully liable for any costs related to damages. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Late Returns

Customers are kindly requested to return the rental vehicle at the agreed-upon time. Please note that late returns may incur additional charges.

If the vehicle is returned late but before 11:00, a 50% surcharge will apply. If the return occurs after 11:00, you will be charged for an additional full day. We appreciate your cooperation and punctuality.

Age and License Requirements

Renters must be at least 18 years old to rent a service.

Condition of rented services

The rented services will be provided in good working condition, and customers are expected to return it in the same condition.

Customers can be held responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Maintenance and Repairs

Customers are responsible for checking and maintaining proper fluid levels during the rental period.

Any necessary repairs due to negligence or misuse during the rental period will be the responsibility of the customer.

Additional Accessories

Customers can request additional accessories such as helmets at the time of reservation, subject to availability.

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, including but not limited to non-compliance with our policies, lack of proper documentation, or suspicion of misuse.

By agreeing to rent a rental from All Karimunjawa, customers acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. Any violations may result in additional charges and/or the termination of the rental agreement.