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Boat tickets

Currently, the boat schedule to Karimunjawa is not every day, please contact our agency first before planning your trip based on the schedule below!

The boat schedule to Karimunjawa is not like a boat to Gili or Lombok, it just leaves ones or twice a day from Jepara only, and often just in the morning. This means you have to organise your trip to Karimunjawa well because although Jepara is a city with many surprisingly good sights, most people don’t like to travel there and realise that the boat isn’t leaving until the next day or fully booked.

Book your boat tickets here and don’t stress about coming to Jepara on a wrong day or finding out the boat is sold-out. Skip standing in line, worrying about missing the latest boat schedule news of Karimunjawa and other things you don’t want to think about while on vacation.  At our agency, it’s possible to buy a boat ticket without a whole package. This way, we can also help travellers who like to be adventures and build their own Karimunjawa experience. More information about other services you can book with us (without a package) click here.


Adult  | Executive  | Rp. 220,000
Adult  | VIP             | Rp. 250,000
Infant |1 – 3 years  | Rp. 20,000

Payment &
To confirm your booking, we need payment before we can proceed and order your ticket. You can pay with a direct transfer or through the payment service TransferWise. TransferWise is similar to Paypal but cheaper and faster. This makes it possible to take the last minute orders. Direct transfer is also possible if your booking is not last minute, you have an Indonesian bank account or your booking is not in high demand.

After you place your order and we checked the availability, we will send you a payment request by email. After receiving the payment, we can order the tickets for you and send you all the information you need. On the day of your trip to Karimunjawa or back to Jepara, you will receive your ticket in the harbour of Jepara/Karimunjawa from one of our staff members. This because the boat company only gives us an invoice which is exchangeable for the actual boat ticket on the day the boat is scheduled. For information about cancellations, refunds and more, check our FAQ’s.