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We encourage our guest to wear a shirt while snorkeling over the reef, not only to protect your own skin, but also to reduce the amount of sunscreen in the water as this is proven to be extremely harmful for the reef.

We can’t send you electronic tickets as the Bahari Express and Siginjai ticket system is still manual. We receive a reservation slip that has to be exchanged for a boat ticket on the day of departure. You will receive the ticket on the day of departure after we changed the reservation slip to a ticket. If requested, we can send our guest prove of reservation by sharing the invoice of the payment.

Digital payment in advance is required to complete a booking for services booked before arriving in Karimunjawa. This is to prevent guest from booking but not collecting their booking, as we do have to pay our partners for the reservation. If you would like to pay the rest of your payment in Karimunjawa by cash or pay travel services booked at our office by cash.

To reach the Karimunjawa, you’ll want to catch a boat from Jepara, a city situated about 2 hours away from Semarang by car. If you’re flying in, taxi fares from the airport to Jepara typically range between 460,000 and 550,000 Indonesian rupiah. With bargaining you can land a more reasonable deal. Ideally falling between 350,000 and 420,000 rupiah. Another less expensive option is taking a bus to Jepara

The best time to visit Karimunjawa is from April to October, which is the dry season. If you want the perfect weather with sunny days and less chance of rain, aim for June to September. During these months, you can enjoy exploring the beautiful islands without worrying about heavy rainfall.

Ofcourse, on our website you don’t have to use one of our packages. We be happy to just arrange your boat ticket! Keep in mind that with a package, you will have a well arranged holiday and you can be sure you will make the most out of your time in Karimunjawa. 

There is an ATM available on the main island. You can find it here.

Foreign visitors are required to pay an additional fee of 25,000 Indonesian rupiah to enter Karimunjawa, as it is designated as an Indonesian National Park. This fee will be included in your boat ticket, so there’s no need for you to make any separate arrangements.

When your booking includes boat tickets we will first try to find a suitable solution. Available solutions will depend on the weather conditions (does it look like the boat will be able to depart the next day?). We will contact you and discuss options case to case. When you decide to take the next available boat we will make the arrangements for you. In case you decide the boat solutions are not suitable for you we will refund your booking. We will refund the total payment except of an amount of USD 3,- per person. This amount is needed to cover the costs of delivered services.

When you not booked boat tickets with us

In case you booked only a tour, car services or rentals without boat tickets and you have to cancel these because you could not come to Karimunjawa we will check the boat cancellations. If this is indeed the case we will refund your payment. e will refund the total payment except of an amount of USD 3,- per person. This amount is needed to cover the costs of delivered services.

Yes, for most of our tours and services we offer a deposit payment option of 50%. After checking the availability of your booking request we will send you an email with the required down payment.

Some of our service require a full payment instead of a deposit payment. This applies to our travel, tour and ticket services as we have to pay our partners a full-payment to reserve your booking.

You can contact us directly. We can see if we are able to organize something for you on your preferred booking date. In some cases we made periods not bookable because the prices are different. For example car transport during and after Idul Fitri has different prices. In case you still interested to book this service you can contact us directly. We will send you an offer according to your travel period.

In order to book the fast boat tickets our team needs a copy of the passports or KTP of all travellers, in addition the KITAS/ITAS from expat travellers who live in Indonesia. Without a copy of the passports or KTP we aren’t able to book you a ticket due to the insurance restrictions from the boat company. Therefore with your deposit payment we ask to receive these documents.

You can find bug repellent gear and hygienic products in most local shops. Cosmetic products are harder to find. You can always ask your guesthouse for recommendations. 

Karimunjawa doesn’t have a lot of public transportation. But you can get around the island easily with options like motorbikes or cars. For more details, click here

Be considerate of the citizens of Karimunjawa, we urge you to wear clothes while leaving or returning from the tour or the beach. Not to solely wear a bikini or swimsuit in the village. And to be respectful towards the indonesian traditions and customs.

Karimunjawa is accessible from the Jepara Regency harbor through the Siginjai Ferry. Departures from Jepara occur on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, while the return journey from Karimun to Jepara is available on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

Additionally, there is the Bahari Express Ferry, offering a quicker journey of approximately 2 hours. Bahari Express operates on Monday and Saturday, serving the route between both Jepara and Karimunjawa. On Tuesday and Friday, the ferry departs exclusively from Jepara, while on Wednesday and Sunday, it exclusively departs from Karimunjawa.


This tropical paradise welcomes you to relax on powdery white sandy beaches, where crystal-clear waters meet an endless turquoise sea. Karimunjawa is famous for his beautiful beaches like Pantai Bobby, Sunset Beach or Pantai Pancuran. The clear water also comes with great places for diving and snorkeling. For more information click here.

In Karimunjawa you can find many restaurants and local places to eat. There are local evening markets. And on top of that you can easily find local shops with food and water.