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Okay by now you know probably already more about Karimunjawa than you did before. But we can imagine there are still some questions left. We often hear from tourists that it is very hard to find good information about Karimunjawa. We always ask them, you not see our website than? Unfortunately they didn’t find it. We still working on the find-ability of our website. If you found our information useful maybe you can help us and your fellow tourists a little bit by sharing our website via any kind of media channel?

Transport to and from Jepara

Travel from Semarang to Jepara

Semarang is the closest big city from Jepara and is the main city to cross when you traveling to Jepara. From Semarang there are multiple options to get to Jepara.

Public bus from Semarang to Jepara

By public bus is the most cheapest option. You go to the main bus terminal in Semarang. Here you hop on the bus to Jepara. If you wish to travel a bit more comfortable or when you scared you take the wrong bus you can continue reading below.

DayTrans Minibus Service from Semarang to Jepara

The DayTrans Minibus departs 4 times a day to Jepara. This is there current schedule:

  • 05.30 am
  • 10.00 am
  • 13.00 pm
  • 18.00 pm

The office of DayTrans is located at Jalan Jendral Sudirman 103, Semarang. This is also the place where the minibus departs. The ticket price is Rp. 45.000 per person from Semarang to Jepara. You will be dropped of at Jalan Letjend Suprapto, Jepara. This is the location of the DayTrans office in Jepara. If you want you can request them to pick you up at your homestay or hotel in Semarang and drop you to the harbour, homestay or hotel in Jepara. Most of the time the driver is able to do this. They will however request you to pay a bit extra per person. Normally this is around Rp. 10.000 to Rp. 20.000 per person.

You can make a reservation for the DayTrans Minibus. The phone number of the office in Semarang is 024-7604192.

Central Java Minibus Service from Semarang to Jepara

The minibus from Central Java has different schedules during the week. This is the current schedule:


  • 06.00 am
  • 10.00 am
  • 15.00 pm
  • 18.00 pm

Tuesday until Friday

  • 07.00 am
  • 10.00 am
  • 15.00 pm
  • 18.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday

  • 07.00 am
  • 10.00 am
  • 13.00 pm
  • 16.00 pm

The office of Central Java is located at Jateng, Jalan Permuda 147, Semarang. This is also the place where the minibus departs. The ticket price is Rp. 40.000 p.p. You will be dropped of at Jalan Ringin Jaya 2, Jepara. This is in front of Hotel Segoro in Jepara.

You can make a reservation for the Central Java Minibus. The phone number of the office in Semarang is 024-70231340 or 024-3510016.

Private car from Semarang to Jepara

We can organize a private car for you. The price is Rp. 400.000 per car (this is including driver and petrol). The driver will pick you up at the preferred address and at the preferred time and will drop you to the location of your choice.

Travel from Yogyakarta to Jepara

If you book a package via us we are able to help you with transport from Yogyakarta. The price is Rp. 150.000 per person for one way. You will be picked up in the evening at your homestay or hotel around 23.00 pm. The next morning you arrive in Jepara harbour around 05.00 am. Here you can wait for your tickets and the departing of the boat. We are also able to organize the transport for you without combination with a package. Just send us an email / sms or WhatsApp when you need help.

Bus service Joglosemar

You can also make use of the bus service Joglosemar. With this company you can travel from Yogyakarta to Semarang. They have a view stops in Semarang. You have to get off at Semarang Tic Jateng at the Jalan Permuda 147. This is the same place as where the Central Java Minibus departs to Jepara. For more information you can visit their website.

Travel from Malang or Surabaya to Jepara

We can help you with a Minibus Service from Malang to Jepara. There is only a minimum of 10 people. If you are with a group of 10 people, please contact us for the options.

If your group is smaller we can also help with private car options. Please contact us for current prices and more information.

Do I have to book a package or boat tickets when I want to go to Karimunjawa?

No you don’t have to book a package or boat tickets. Karimunjawa is also open for backpackers and tickets can be bought at the locket as well. In low season you probably will be fine to come without booked boat tickets (not on public holidays). What are the reasons to book a package or boat tickets than? With booking a package, you will have a well arranged holiday and you can be sure you will make the most out of your time in Karimunjawa. Also it is relaxed to know that everything is been taken care off and you not have to worry about anything. With booking a package or boat tickets you are sure you have a boat ticket for your departure date and when something changes for the boat schedule you are the first to know.

The package sounds good but I want to decide myself when and what I eat, is that possible?

We can offer our packages without some meals. For example we can offer you the package without dinner. We can give you discount on your package for this. See for more information also the ‘tab’ services under all our packages. Lunch is often included in the daily trips and when you stay in a hotel or resort the breakfast is already included there. If you not want to make use of these meals we can not give you any discount. If you stay in a Homestay accommodation we can give you discount if you not want to make use of the breakfast. For more information you can contact us.

Do I have to make boat ticket reservations?

You don’t have to make boat ticket reservations in low season. If you are early enough in the harbour you will probably be able to buy a ticket here. In some periods like high season (June, July, August, September) and during public holidays the boats can be already fully booked. To avoid disappointment we recommend you to book a package in this period.

Why do I have to send you a copy of my passport, ktp (Indonesian) or identity card?

At the moment the harbour police is strict about passport and ticket control in the harbour. The name on your fast boat ticket has to be the same as on your passport, ktp or identity card. If this is not the same you may end up paying extra money. Besides this we have to show the copy of your cards in order to book the tickets up front. This rule they made to prevent agencies from buying tickets with wrong names for the busy periods and avoid black market tickets on the day of departure.

I have problems making a deposit by transaction. Can I book without deposit?

If you have any difficulties you can contact us so we can discuss the options.