Tour type: Beach day Duration: 9:00 - 18:00
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Breve Azurine resort offers a special beach day package that ensures guest have the best and most comfortable day at the beach possible. Take out their kayaks for a spin, enjoy your refreshing welcome drink on one of their sun chairs, and take a fresh shower and towel after dipping in to the Java Sea. This Resort beach day package is designed especially for guest who don't stay at the resort but still like to use the beautiful facilities during a day of relaxation and beach fun.

How does it work?

Place your order - Please select your desired booking date and indicate the amount of people who will be joining you. You can book up to 48 hours before the tour date. When booking your tour you automatically agree with our agency policy and booking and cancellation policy.

Confirm your order - Confirm your order by paying the order in full.

Process booking - After receiving the payment we will reserve your tour and send you your invoice with the necessary information.

Pick-up - In the days before the tour, we will be in contact about more specifics.  

Check for more information our booking & cancellation, our FAQ page or contact us if you have other questions.

  • Entrance to the resort's beach.

  • Kayaks & Snorkel gear.

  • Sun beds, towels & WiFi.

  • Tea/coffee & a soft drink.

  • Access to the rooms & food from the restaurant. It's possible to add these services to your package for an extra charge.

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No, only people with reservations are allowed to enter.

Yes, this is no problem. As long as you stay close to the shore and wear a life jacket.

You can swim at the Breve Azurine beach. However, always keep in mind the shallow reefs around the area.

Yes this is no problem. However, to be considerate of the citizens of Karimunjawa, we urge you to wear clothes while leaving or returning from the tour or the beach. Please don’t walk/drive through the village in only swimwear, see through clothes or in your bikini top.

Yes, you can either bring your own food or order at the restaurant. Please make sure to keep the beach clean and leave it how you found it.

We encourage our guest to wear a shirt while snorkeling over the reef, not only to protect your own skin, but also to reduce the amount of sunscreen in the water as this is proven to be extremely harmful for the reef.

The resort encourages guests to enjoy the common areas upon arrival, such as the beach and restaurant. If you choose to leave, please respect the privacy and ambiance of our staying guests. Continuous entry and exit of day guests is not typical here.

You can enjoy your time while staying in the pubic areas down at the beach or in the restaurant building/veranda.

Please check our booking and cancellation policy for more information.

No, we only confirm bookings after we received a full payment.

To order a tour, our agency requires full payment upfront. Please note that your order will not be processed until payment has been received. Thank you for your cooperation.