Tour type: Diving & Island Hopping Duration: 9:00 - 17:30
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A diving tour in Karimunjawa is perfect for those who want to dive deep and find the tranquility of the Java sea. Karimunjawa is perfect for snorkeling as a lot of the reef is relatively shallow, however, to spot the shyer fish and other sea creatures, a deeper dive into the water is the way to do it. Besides the deep reefs and the beautiful sea life, Karimunjawa has a rich history hidden on the bottom of the surrounding sea. Multiple shipwrecks, both in shallow and deep water, make Karimunjawa the perfect dive destination for both beginners and more experienced divers.

Do you not have a diving license yet, but would you like to experience what it is like to dive to the sea bottom? Then a Fun Dive is perfect for you. Or would you like to get your diving license on the calm and beautiful waters of Karimunjawa? Then get your Padi here in Karimunjawa. Please contact us for more information.


Diving tour details

  • Type of trip: This is a private trip. 

  • Schedule: 2 dives and two island stops (contact us for adding a thrid dive).

  • Meeting point: We meet at our office at Basa-basi Karimunjawa or the Selma diving before the harbour.

  • Meeting time: We meet at 8:30 when the tour starts at 9:00.  

  • Certification: This type of tour requires you to have a PADI registered diving license which will be checked before departure.

How does it work?

Place your order - Please select your desired booking date and indicate the amount of people who will be joining you.

Confirm your order - Confirm your order by paying the order in full.

Process booking - After receiving the payment we will reserve your tour and send you your invoice with the necessary information.

Pick-up - In the days before the tour, we will be in contact about more specifics.  

Program - A standard diving trip exists out of two dives, location depending on your experience, a visit to one of the islands to escape from the midday heat and enjoy a beautiful fish barbecue, and a second stop to another island, beach, or a mesmerising place like a sandbank. 

Check for more information our booking & cancellation, our FAQ page or contact us if you have other questions.

  • Karimunjawa style fisher boat, captain & gasoline.

  • Parking cost at the island & harbour entrance.

  • Fresh fish BBQ on the beach during which the crew will prepare and serve fresh fish, vegetables, rice, egg/tempe/tofu, traditional crackers (Krupuk), water and fruit. During the private tour, you will also get a fresh coconut, extra fruit and snacks.

  • Underwater camera & pictures via Google Drive.

  • Dive master.

  • Diving gear & life jacket.

  • Entrance ticket for turtle sanctuary if you like to visit the place. However, if you want to release baby turtles, this isn’t included in the price.

  • National park entrance fee.

  • Transport from the harbour back to your accommodation.

For this trip you are required to pay entrance to Karimunjawa National Park. You have already purchased this ticket in the Karimunjawa harbour, make sure to bring it with you. For more information about the National Park fee, please check our FAQ-page.

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The prices of this offer are based on divers who have a Padi. Fun dives are possible to but might have different prices as there are specific safety restrictions.

Yes this can be arranged. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Yes this can be arranged. Please contact us for the possibilities.

You can bring someone on the boat who likes to go snorkelling while you are exploring the deep waters. Many spots are perfect for both snorkeling and diving. However, you do have to hire a second guide thatccan accompany your friend while the guide follows you to the deeper waters.

Karimunjawa has a great variety of dive spots, both depth and views. Which one you will dive to, is depending on your level of experience.

Yes this is possible, please contact us for more information.

Yes, this is included in the price.

This is possible, if it means the safety standards of the dive center. Please contact us for more information.

Yes this is no problem. However, to be considerate of the citizens of Karimunjawa, we urge you to wear clothes while leaving or returning from the tour or the beach. Please don’t walk/drive through the village in only swimwear, see through clothes or in your bikini top.

The Karimunjawa dive center allows you to dive 3 times during the day max. Out of experience this is the maximal amount of dives possible in the day.

For your trip, we recommend bringing the following.

> A towel & dry clothing.
> Reusable water bottle & snacks for in between swimming.
> A shirt to swim in (if you are going snorkeling).
> Some money to buy a drink/snack and to tip your guide/crew.
> Sunscreen (high factor and reef-safe recommended).

Please check our booking and cancellation policy for more information.

To order a tour, our agency requires full payment upfront. Please note that your order will not be processed until payment has been received. Thank you for your cooperation.

No, we only confirm bookings after we received a full payment.