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Do you need a motorbike to get around the island? Look no further, we got you! Booking our motorbike rental in Karimunjawa is perfect to get around and explore the island. Feel the breeze through your hair and feel the tranquillity of the island.


Motorbike rental details

  • Location: you can rent the motorbike from the harbour, your accommodation (when in town or within 10 minutes of town) or our office. If you like to book a rental while staying further north or east on the island, you can pick up/drop off the motorbike at our office or receive/return it in the harbour.

  • Duration: you rent the motorbike until 09:00 the next day.

  • Capacity: the motorbikes are made for two adults, an additional child is allowed. When travelling with more people, please book an additional motorbike.

How does it work?

Place your order - Please select your desired booking date and indicate the number of days you'd like to reserve, by raising the number on the booking page. If booking multiple bikes, kindly add each bike separately to your cart with the correct duration. When booking your taxi you automatically agree with our agency policy and booking and cancellation policy. Furthermore, don't forget to mention from where you would like to rent your motorbike.  

Confirm your order - Confirm your order by paying the order in full.

Process booking - After receiving the payment we will reserve your motorbike and send you your invoice with the necessary information.

Pick-up/drop-off - On the day of arrival, we will be message you where and how to receive the motorbike. Depending of the pick-up/drop-off location. 

Check for more information our booking & cancellation, our FAQ page or contact us if you have other questions.

  • One motorbike.

  • A helmet (if requested not mandatory in Karimunjawa).

Please note that the motor on the picture isn't always the motor used for your trip. It depends on the available fleet, however, all motors are in good condition.

  • Petrol & Parking cost.

  • Insurance or damage cost as a result of use of the motor bike during the rental period.

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No, you don't need a license to drive a motorbike in Karimunjawa. However, having some basic driving skills would be helpful.

If you've never driven a motorbike, we do offer a short instructional lesson. However, please note that driving a motorbike is at your own risk.

No, you do not have to sign anything. However, by renting the motorbike, you will automatically agree to our rental terms.

If you damage the motorbike during the rental period (including losing the key), the bike owner will calculate the costs of these damages, and the person under whose name the reservation is made is responsible for covering these expenses.

In Karimunjawa, there are no rules about wearing a helmet when driving a motorbike. However, we do provide them in case guests feel safer wearing them.

No, you cannot choose your own motorbike. Your motorbike will be assigned to you. If you wish to request a specific type, you are welcome to leave a comment in your booking. We will do our best to fulfill your request.

The motorbike is made for two adults, therefore no more people are allowed. With the exception of one child (12 years or younger).

No, we rent the motorbike with a fixed price of Rp 75.000 a day. If you would like to use the bike to get back to the harbour the next day. We are flexible and can pick up your bike at 10:00.

No, we rent the motorbike with a fixed price of Rp 75.000 a day. If you would like to use the bike to get back to the harbour the next day. We are flexible and can pick up your bike at 10:00.

The roads in Karimunjawa are generally calm, making them easy to navigate for beginner drivers. However, some roads may be steep or narrow at times. Feel free to park your motorbike on the side of the road and continue on foot if needed. Rest assured, people typically respect parked vehicles and won't move or steal your bike.

The standard motorbikes available are Honda Beatstreets, Honda Beat, Scoopy, or Vario. If you book an Nmax, the brand of motorbike may vary.

All motorbikes are automatic.

To order a motor bike, our agency requires full payment upfront. Please note that your order will not be processed until payment has been received. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please check our booking and cancellation policy for more information.

No, we only confirm bookings after we received a full payment.

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