Tour type: Snorkeling & Island Hopping Duration: 8 hours
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Hop on one of the traditional fisherman boats and get amazed by Karimunjawa's beautiful waters. The best way to experience true Karimunjawa, her reefs, island, and animals. Images of a dream destination will become treasured memories. Get a taste of the freshest fish barbecued you ever had on the beach with dried coconut skin built fires. With a shared island hopping and snorkeling tour in Karimunjawa, you will receive a great experience for a affordable price.

Meeting Point Karimunjawa Package office or the meeting point on Town Square in front of Wisma Karimunjawa.
Meeting time We meet at 8:30.
Return location Karimunjawa Village harbour.
Return time Around sunset (17:00 – 18:00).

At the beginning of the day, our team will prepare a program based on the weather conditions and the group. The program normally consists of visiting two snorkeling spots, lunch on one of the islands, and finally, an extra stop on a second island, or another unforgettable stop if the day allows it. Either on the west side or the east side, depending on the weather conditions.

To be considerate of the citizens of Karimunjawa, we urge you to wear clothes that cover your body before and after the tour. Please don’t walk through the village in only swimwear. Besides that, we encourage our guest to wear a shirt while snorkeling over the reef, not only to protect your own skin, but also to reduce the amount of sunscreen in the water as this is proven to be extremely harmful for the reef.


Trip to

West side

Walking from the meeting point to the Karimunjawa Village Harbour
Diving at shipwreck Indonor in front of Kemujan island
Lunch at Cemara Kecil island
Diving at Gosong Cemara
Arrival back at Karimunjawa Village Harbour

Trip to

East side

Walking from the meeting point to the Karimunjawa Village Harbour
Diving near Cilik island
Lunch at Cilik Island
Diving near Tengah Island
Visiting Gosong Sloka
Arrival back at Karimunjawa Village Harbour

Karimunjawa style fisher boat, captain & gasoline.
Parking cost at the island & harbour entrance.
Fresh fish BBQ on the beach, with coconuts, snacks & drinking water.
Underwater camera & a copy of the pictures to your USB or memory card.
Snorkelling gear & life jacket.
Entrance ticket for the shark pool or turtle sanctuary when visiting either of these places during your shared island tour. However, if you want to release baby turtles, this isn’t included in the price.

The dive trip includes a barbecue on the beach during which the crew will prepare and serve fresh fish, vegetables, rice, egg/tempe/tofu, traditional crackers (Krupuk), water and fruit. During the private tour, you will also get a fresh coconut, extra fruit and snacks.

Tour specification
An Island Hopping & Snorkeling open trip is suitable for solo travelers and small groups who love the company of other travelers. The boat will be occupied by a maximum of 15-18 people. Together you will experience a great variety of beautiful snorkeling spots and visit the small paradise islands with bounty white beaches. If you prefer to set up a trip yourself, click here for our private snorkeling trip.

If we have enough guest we will set up a tour ourselves, if this is not the case, we will work together with other agents to combine one group on the water. The size of the group depends on the type of boat and its capacity. One or two guides will accompany you (depending on the group size) and they will know exactly where and when to show you the most beautiful spots on the reef.

National park entrance fee.

For this trip you are required to pay entrance to Karimunjawa National Park. You have already purchased this ticket in the Karimunjawa harbour, make sure to bring it with you. For more information about the National Park fee, please check our FAQ-page.

For your trip, we recommend bringing the following.
> A towel & dry clothing.
> Reusable water bottle & snacks for in between swimming.
> A shirt to swim in (if you are going snorkeling).
> Some money to buy a drink/snack and to tip your guide/crew.
> Sunscreen (high factor and reef-safe recommended).

  1. Misha:

    I booked the private snorkeling tour for my sister, her 2 sons snd boyfriend before they went travelling. It was her 50th birthday and during our contact I noticed how much these people cared about giving them a great time. For a small fee they decorated the boat and even the island where a delicious (so I was told) birthday cake was served with music and drinks. Today I saw the pictures the crew took during the day (they were spectacular and even incuded underwater scenes). According to my nephews everything was perfect and the day of the entire trip.

    Thank you so much all the extra effort you took, the friendly communication, the decorations, the cake and the wonderful memories they will cherish for the rest of their lifes.

    Thanks again, you are the best!

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We encourage our guest to wear a shirt while snorkeling over the reef, not only to protect your own skin, but also to reduce the amount of sunscreen in the water as this is proven to be extremely harmful for the reef.

Yes this is no problem. However, to be considerate of the citizens of Karimunjawa, we urge you to wear clothes while leaving or returning from the tour or the beach. Please don’t walk through the village in only swimwear or in your bikini top.

Digital payment in advance is required to complete a booking for services booked before arriving in Karimunjawa. This is to prevent guest from booking but not collecting their booking, as we do have to pay our partners for the reservation. If you would like to pay the rest of your payment in Karimunjawa by cash or pay travel services booked at our office by cash.

No you don’t have to book a package or boat tickets. Karimunjawa is also open for backpackers and tickets can be bought at the locket as well. In low season you probably will be fine to come without booked boat tickets (not on public holidays). What are the reasons to book a package or boat tickets than? With booking a package, you will have a well arranged holiday and you can be sure you will make the most out of your time in Karimunjawa. Also it is relaxed to know that everything is been taken care off and you not have to worry about anything. With booking a package or boat tickets you are sure you have a boat ticket for your departure date and when something changes for the boat schedule you are the first to know.

There is a BRI bank in Karimunjawa with two ATM-machines. However, we always advise bringing at least two million in cash to the island because the ATM isn’t always working as it should.

Most travelers like to visit Karimunjawa during its dry months, starting from April until October (no rain or occasional rain). These are the busiest months on the island with June, July, August and September as the peak months. Especially at the weekend, it can be very busy because of the locals who visit Karimunjawa for the weekend.

The best period for travelling to Karimunjawa is from the end of February until the beginning of December. Outside this period the boats can be a little bit unreliable because of the raining season. For more information about Karimunjawa’s travel period send us an email with your considered arrival dates and let us know if you have any concerns. We will give you a fair picture of risks and weather conditions.

During the year the average temperature in Karimunjawa lies between 26 until 30 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in Karimunjawa is around 22 degrees Celsius and the maximum 34 degrees Celsius. For more information about the current weather in Karimunjawa try weather sites. However, do keep in mind that on an island in the middle of the sea, weather does tend to be a bit unpredictable.

You can make an international payment by direct transfer or through the payment service TransferWise. TransferWise is similar to PayPal but cheaper and faster. This makes it possible for us to take last minute orders as we have to wait until we receive the payment before we can reserve the booking.

A direct bank transfer is also possible if your booking is not last minute, you have an Indonesian bank account or your booking is not in high demand. On the booking invoice you will find our bank information.

Yes, for most of our tours and services we offer a deposit payment option of 50%. After checking the availability of your booking request we will send you an email with the required down payment.

Some of our service require a full payment instead of a deposit payment. This applies to our travel, tour and ticket services as we have to pay our partners a full-payment to reserve your booking.

A big part of Karimunjawa island, both on land and in the sea, is protected by the National Park. Therefore, since 2020, all tourist entering the island are obligated to pay a fee. For Indonesian guest this is Rp. 7.500. For foreigners without a Kitas/Itas this is Rp. 150,000. This fee needs to be paid upon arrival in the harbour and is not included in the services you ordered with us. However, we can take are of this for you and add this on to your bill on request. Please let us know if this is the case. For more information, please check the local park rangers Instagram.

The Karimunjawa Package office is currently located at our restaurant called Basa-basi Karimunjawa. Due to Covid-19 cuts we currently don’t have any office in town, but hope to open one again soon. Do you want to hop by the office, please feel free anytime because our doors are always open. Also, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp our email to request information if you don’t have the transportation to come by the office.

The most convenient and most easy way how to get to Karimunjawa is to travel from Jepara. From Jepara boats departure almost daily (except from Thursdays and Sundays). There are two different boats that sail from Jepara. The fast boat called the Bahari Express and the slow boat called the Siginjai. The fast boat takes 2 hours from Jepara harbour to Karimunjawa. The slow boat has a journey of 5 hours.

Are there other ways how to get to Karimunjawa?

Yes there are other ways. Since the end of 2016 there is a fast boat from Kendal available. Kendal is at a closer distance to Semarang. At the moment the boat only departs 2 days a week from Kendal. Unfortunately we are not yet able to arrange tickets for this boat. If you wish to travel from Kendal tickets have to be bought in the harbour before departure of the boat.

Another option is to fly from Surabaya with Airfast. The plain has a capacity of 12 seats only. Tickets can be bought at the ticket counter of Airfast in Surabaya only. At the moment the Airfast plain from Semarang is no longer flying.

The Kura Kura Resort has a flight available from the beginning of May until the end of October. The flight departs on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday and goes from Semarang airport. Guest of the Kura Kura Resort have the first option for the seats. When there are still seats available ‘no guests’ of Kura Kura Resort are also allowed to book the flight. The rate of the flight is around USD 210,- per person for one way.

You can contact us directly. We can see if we are able to organize something for you on your preferred booking date. In some cases we made periods not bookable because the prices are different. For example car transport during and after Idul Fitri has different prices. In case you still interested to book this service you can contact us directly. We will send you an offer according to your travel period.

After we receive the request for a new trip or service, our team will check the availability. When all is available we will send you a payment request so you can confirm the booking. If the requested date isn’t available, our team will get back to you about alternative travel dates.

After receiving the payment, we can order the trip or service for you and send you all the information you need by email.

When your booking includes boat tickets we will first try to find a suitable solution. Available solutions will depend on the weather conditions (does it look like the boat will be able to depart the next day?). We will contact you and discuss options case to case. When you decide to take the next available boat we will make the arrangements for you. In case you decide the boat solutions are not suitable for you we will refund your booking. We will refund the total payment except of an amount of USD 3,- per person. This amount is needed to cover the costs of delivered services.

When you not booked boat tickets with us

In case you booked only a tour, car services or rentals without boat tickets and you have to cancel these because you could not come to Karimunjawa we will check the boat cancellations. If this is indeed the case we will refund your payment. e will refund the total payment except of an amount of USD 3,- per person. This amount is needed to cover the costs of delivered services.

In order to book the fast boat tickets our team needs a copy of the passports or KTP of all travellers, in addition the KITAS/ITAS from expat travellers who live in Indonesia. Without a copy of the passports or KTP we aren’t able to book you a ticket due to the insurance restrictions from the boat company. Therefore with your deposit payment we ask to receive these documents.