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Do you need a taxi to get around Karimunjawa island? Look no further, we got you! Our car service is bookable from our office, your accommodation or the Karimunjawa harbour. This service is also bookable by Whatsapp, more suitable for last minute taxi drives.

Traveling by car in Karimunjawa is perfect for those who travel with luggage or in bigger groups. Besides that it will ensure comfort and shelter during the day from the heat of the sun. Our drivers are all originally from Karimunjawa and know the island very well. They won’t have any difficulty driving you wherever you want to go while ensuring your safety and a friendly face behind the wheels.


Car taxi details

  • Pick up location: you can hire a taxi from the town (harbour, accomodation or our office). If you like to book a taxi while staying further north or east on the island, you can contact us for a custom price.

  • Drop off location: To several location on the island (see price categories) and back to your accommodation.

  • Capacity: Toyota Avanza (4 - 6 people) or Toyota Innova (5 - 7 people). The capacity of the car depends on the amount of luggage accompanying you

  • Price specification: The pricing for the town area is limited to the region between Basa-basi Karimunjawa in the west and Mirabelle Village in the east.

How does it work?

Place your order - When booking your taxi you automatically agree with our agency policy and booking and cancellation policy. Furthermore, don't forget to mention your pick-up address and time, plus your preference route. 

Confirm your order - Confirm your order by paying the order in full.

Process booking - After receiving the payment we will plan your ride and send you your invoice with the necessary information.

Pick-up/drop-off - On the day of your booking, we will be message you when the driver arrived. Also, make sure to set a pick-up time with the driver. 

Check for more information our booking & cancellation, our FAQ page or contact us if you have other questions.

  • A round-trip taxi journey.

  • Private car with air-conditioning.

  • Driver.

  • Petrol.

Please note that the car on the picture isn't always the car used for your trip. It depends on the available fleet, however, all cars are in good condition

  • Parking and entrance cost. 

  • Gratuity for the driver (not mandatory but much appreciated). 

Please wait...

All taxi prices are fixed to ensure fair business opportunities between drivers, a practice that we fully support as a business. Thank you for your understanding.

The taxi can pick you up and return you to a place of your choosing within town, as described on the overview page. Thank you.

You can review our refund and return policy on the dedicated page mentioned in the 'how does it work' section. Thank you.

The type of vehicles available in Karimunjawa is limited, and we have preferred partners we collaborate with. Within these options, you can always indicate your preference, and we will do our best to accommodate it when reserving your vehicle. Thank you for your understanding.

If you book your taxi 48 hours before the trip, we have sufficient time to assist you. Thank you.

To order a taxi, our agency requires full payment upfront. Please note that your order will not be processed until payment has been received. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please check our booking and cancellation policy for more information.

No, we only confirm bookings after we received a full payment.

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