The story behind Karimunjawa tells that the island group is discovered by Sunan Nyamplungan. He is the nephew of Sunan Kudus. Sunan Kudus is one of the saints of Islam in Indonesia. He had an important role in spreading the Islamic religion in Indonesia.

Karimunjawa, Karimun Island, Karimun Java or Crimon Java is an archipelago that consists out of 27 tropical islands (between around 1.500 and 110.000 hectares) with white bounty-beaches, an authentic Javanese culture and since 2001 22 of the islands in Karimunjawa are declared as a Marine Protection area which makes Karimunjawa one of the national parks of Indonesia. Both on the island and in the water. Located in Centre Java in the middle of the Java Sea 9000 people life on an 80-kilometer distance northwest from the city Jepara in Central Java. The main island is called Karimun, most of the people life, work and shop their groceries, here. This is the island where travellers arrive by boat.

However, officially the main island is not one but two islands: Karimun and Kemujan. The two islands are like twins laying closely together, connected by a small bridge on the main road. Therefore, you won’t even realize that you leave one island to enter the second. Karimun is characterised by its high hills (27.000 m²/2,700 ha land surface) land Kemujan (14.000 m²/1,400 ha land surface) by her mangrove covered lowlands. Being the southern hub of the island, Karimun is a more vibrant area whereas mentioned most of the businesses are. However, the northern part of the main island (Kemujan) is a quieter less developed area, with the airport where guest arrive from multiple destinations in Java and mostly know for its authentic cultures and idyllic sides. Besides these two islands, there are three more islands inhabited.



Karimunjawa island, the perfect escape for metropolitan and utopian travelers, your sanctuary for the ultimate island escapade. It’s basically a small paradise with beautiful nature, traditional Javanese culture, amazing people, and an idyllic atmosphere. Karimunjawa is known for her amazing snorkeling spots and that is why most of to the tourists come to the island to check this out for themselves and they don’t get disappointed. However, believe me, this is going to be a trip you will remember for both its underwater and overland adventures.

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