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Organizing your holiday takes a lot of time, especially for an island like Karimunjawa… What are you supposed to do on a tropical island? That is where we come in to help, check out the Deluxe Diving package, the perfect trip for diver who want to dive deep and find the tranquility of the Java sea.

The Deluxe Diving package is a very popular package at our agency Karimunjawa Package. Perfect for the short stay in Karimunjawa island and for those who love diving.

DEPARTURE LOCATION  Kartini harbour in Jepara
BOAT TRANSPORTATION A two way trip with the Bahari Express Fast boat in VIP class, this will take around 2 to 2.5 hours.
ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS Guest of the Deluxe Diving package can choose between the following accommodations with air-conditioning:
Two nights at a resort with private beach, air-conditioning and breakfast.
Retour trip with the Bahari Express fast boat in VIP class.
Pick-up and drop off from the harbour after arrival from Jepara and before departure back to Jepara. Additional, car service to all scheduled activities included in the trip and dinner in town if necessary.
A half day car tour over the main land to two different tourist spots (including entrance for two).
A full day of diving during a private diving trip.
Karimunjawa island style lunch (fish/seafood as the main dish) on arrival at the accommodation or outside the hotel.
All harbour, tourism and national park taxes (Indonesian weekend rate, please see additional cost for foreigners without a Kitas/Itas).
Karimunjawa style fisher boat, captain & gasoline.
Parking cost at the island & harbour entrance.
Fresh fish BBQ on the beach, with coconuts, snacks & drinking water.
Underwater camera & a copy of the pictures to your USB or memory card.
Dive master.
Diving gear & extra tank.
Entrance ticket for the shark pool or turtle sanctuary when visiting either of these places during your shared island tour. However, if you want to release baby turtles, this isn’t included in the price.
Additional tourism and national park taxes charges for Western rate. (Indonesian weekend rate, please see additional cost for foreigners without a KITAS/ITAS). Click here for more information.
Gratuity for the guide/crew (not mandatory).
PACKING LIST Please click here for our Karimunjawa Trip Packing list. For your island hopping trip, we recommend bringing the following.

> A towel & dry clothing.
> Reusable water bottle & snacks for in between swimming.
> A shirt to swim in.
> Some money to buy a drink/snack and to tip your guide/crew.
> Sunscreen (high factor and reef-safe recommended).

To be considerate of the citizens of Karimunjawa, we urge you to wear clothes that cover your body before and after the tour. Please don’t walk through the village in only swimwear. Besides that, we encourage our guest to wear a shirt while swimming over the reef, not only to protect your own skin, but also to reduce the amount of sunscreen in the water as this is proven to be extremely harmful for the reef.


Additional information

Main activityCar tour, Diving
AccommodationJava Paradise – Suite, Java Paradise Resort – Superior Room, Java Paradise Resort – Deluxe Bungalow, Java Paradise Resort – Executive Bungalow, Breve Azurine Resort – Seahill Cottage, Breve Azurine Resort – Kamar Crest, Breve Azurine Resort – Seafront Studio, Breve Azurine Resort – Esplanade Abode

Day one

  • Meeting at Warung BU BAMBANG in the Jepara Kartini harbour one hour before departure of the boat to receive your boat tickets.
  • Fast boat Bahari Express from Jepara to Karimunjawa, this will take around two to two and a half hours.
  • Welcomed in the Karimunjawa harbour by our team and pick-up by car to transfer you to your accommodation.
  • A delicious Karimunjawa style lunch prepared for you, served at your accommodation after check-in or at a restaurant if preferred.
  • Cruise around over the island during a half-day tour to Bukit Love and Sunset beach, your host will make sure you have some refreshments and know exactly where to go for the best photo ops. Back at your accommodation, there is a car available for you to take you to dinner if preferred. Please inform us, what time the car must be ready.

Day two

  • At 08:30 we pick you up at your accommodation and together we drive to the dock from which the Diving trip will departure.
  • A whole day on the water diving either on the west side or on the east side. The diving on the trip depends on the experience and license of the divers. An example of how the day could look.
    • West side
      • Diving at Geleang Island
      • Lunch at Geleang Island
      • Diving at Gosong Cemara
      • Sunset at Cemara Kecil Island
      • Arrival back a Karimunjawa dock
    • East side
      • Diving at Cilik island
      • Lunch at Cilik Island
      • Diving at Sintok island
      • Visit Gosong Seloka by low water
      • Arrival back a Karimunjawa dock
  • Back at your accommodation, there is a car available for you to take you to dinner if preferred. Please inform us, what time the car must be ready.

Day three

  • Half an hour before the boat departures, we will pick you up by car to bring you back to the harbour in Karimunjawa. There you will receive your ticket and our team will help you boarding the boat.
  • Fast boat Bahari Express from Karimunjawa to Jepara, this will take around two to two and a half hours.
  • Back in the Jepara Kartini harbour, if you booked transport with us the driver will be waiting for you with the Karimunjawa Package sign. We wish you a very safe a pleasant journey back home.


Our Deluxe Diving package price is a price per person, however the price is based on a minimum of two people. This because, a package for one person is more expensive as you do not get to share the cost of most of our travel services with a travel buddy. If you want to book for more then 2 people, indicate this in the booking form on the left and the price per person will automatically decrease. If you want to book with more than 10 people, please also contact our agency so that we can offer you a custom price.

However, it is possible to book the trip by yourself and to go out on the water alone. An alternative is that we try to match you with another traveler who likes to go diving or that you bring someone on the water who likes to go snorkeling while you are exploring the deep waters. Many spots are perfect for both snorkeling and diving and the captain of the boat can accompany your friend while the guide follows you to the deeper waters. Please contact us if you would like to travel alone or do a snorkel-dive combo trip and want more information about that.


A diving trip in Karimunjawa is perfect for those who want to dive deep and find the tranquility of the Java sea. Karimunjawa is perfect for snorkeling as a lot of the reef is relatively shallow, however, to spot the shyer fish and other sea creatures, a deeper dive into the water is the way to do it. Besides the deep reefs and the beautiful sea life, Karimunjawa has a rich history hidden on the bottom of the surrounding sea. Multiple shipwrecks, both in shallow and deep water, make Karimunjawa the perfect dive destination for both beginners and more experienced divers.

A Deluxe diving trip exists out of two dives, location depending on your experience, a visit to one of the islands to escape from the midday heat and enjoy a beautiful fish barbecue, and a second stop to another island, beach, or a mesmerizing place like a sandbank. This type of tour requires you to have a PADI registered diving license which will be checked before departure. If you want to add an extra dive this is also possible, one dive from around 45 minutes (depending on your oxygen usages).

Would you like to upgrade your package to a three dive diving package or a VIP trip, please inform us and we will give you a costume price.



The diving trip includes a barbecue on the beach during which the crew will prepare and serve fresh fish, grilled squid, vegetables, rice, egg/tempe/tofu, traditional crackers (Krupuk), water and fruit. During the private tour, you will also get a fresh coconut, extra fruit and snacks.

The lunch on arrival will be a verity of delicious seafood dishes, served with vegetables, rice, egg/tempe/tofu, traditional crackers (Krupuk), refreshing drink and fruit.

If you are vegetarian please inform us, so we can offer you a different menu.


If you would like to upgrade your boat ticket to a VIP ticket for the Bahari Express fast boat, or perhaps prefer to charter your private boat. Please contact us for a custom price.

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