Karimunjawa Package is a tour agency operated by Basa-basi Karimunjawa. We are a local family business specialized in holiday packages, tours, rental, and transportation for your Karimunjawa island trip. We have four different service and experience levels, as we believe that the island life can be available for every kind of traveller. Standard, Comfort, Executive or Deluxe. Our agency is there for everyone who wants to EXPLORE. CONNECT. RELAX. Our goal is to organise the perfect trip for you, so you can enjoy the island life experience. By creating a high quality and nurturing service, we strive to make a difference in the lives of our guest, team and community while sharing our love for the island life.


Hi there, I am Redy, back in 2019 my wife and I founded Basa-basi Karimunjawa. Being born and raised on this idyllic island, I wasn’t surprised that the love for my community, and our archipelago transcended from me to my wife. This became the foundation of our business, wanting to share our love for this incredible life, we call ‘The Island Life’, with everybody who likes to be welcomed in our humbled yet warm and cheerful home. Basa-basi will make you want to explore all these undiscovered corners of nature, people, and yourself. A place to settle down and completely relax, so you will forget for a second where it is you travelled to. Our community-based service and the natural elements of this magical island will make your heartache for more real connections when it’s finally time to go home. The ultimate island escapade that will never ever make you forget this little place called Karimunjawa in the middle of the Java Sea. See you soon!



Curious if we have the trip for you? Just contact us and we will have a chat. Don’t hesitate to text us if you have a specific request because we love personalizing the trip just how you like it. A quick question? Check our FAQ page for the fastest response to standard questions. Looking for the full island life experience? Check out all of our other business ventures to find out about our lodge accommodation in Karimun, join us for breakfast or on another moment of the day at the Basa-basi Kitchen. Or do you want to know the best place to buy your island essentials and souvenirs? Then Hakiki Island Essentials is the web shop for you.