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Island Expedition packages

Camping on an island in Karimunjawa

Always wanted to do camping on an island in Karimunjawa? Experience this adventure with one of our island expedition packages. With our packages you will be camping on Geleang island Karimunjawa. This is a beautiful white sanded bounty island. During your stay we will provide all your basic needs. The island is occupied by one family who will also provide you meals during your stay.

At the moment Dunia Bintang Tour and Travel is the only travel agency that has developed a complete package to experience camping on a small island. The area of Karimunjawa exist of 27 islands so why not use and experience it to the fullest? If you ever dreamed of staying / camping on an island, on that white sandy beach surrounded by the clear blue water. Karimunjawa gives you the chance to finally do this.

Our packages are including 1 or 2 nights camping on Geleang Island. One of the most beautiful islands to find in Karimunjawa. Curious and already excited to enjoy this unique experience? Take a look at our schedule options. All our island expedition packages are combined with snorkeling tours. So you not have to miss out on any underwater world as well.