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Prices 2 days 1 night private

Only have a short time to visit Karimunjawa? Choose our 2 days 1 night private snorkeling package Karimunjawa. You will visit Karimunjawa for a short time only, but it will be still enough time to get an impression of Karimunjawa it’s beautiful coral and paradise beaches.

For the 2 days 1 night private snorkeling package Karimunjawa you will enjoy a half day snorkeling tour after arrival by boat in Karimunjawa. During this half day tour you will do snorkeling at one of the nice snorkeling spots in Karimunjawa and visit the beach to watch the sunset. When there is enough time we will add a second time of snorkeling at another snorkeling spot before visiting the beach. Because you will be doing a private tour it is possible to make some customized changes in your tour. When for example you prefer to visit Cemara Kecil island for the sunset instead of Tanjung Gelam Beach we can arrange this within your private tour package. The snorkeling spots and island/beach will be reached by boat (local traditional boat). All guest will be provided with a snorkeling equipment set and life-jacket. If you need the life-jacket during swimming we leave up to you. The guide will bring an underwater camera to document the day. In the evening we will arrange a copy of the pictures to your USB or memory card.

The prices for the 2 days 1 night snorkeling package is based on private tour. This means when you are traveling for example with a group of 4 persons you can look at the price per person with a group size of 4-5 persons. Are you traveling with 25 persons or more? Take a look at our special big group packages.

Looking for a cheaper price? Or do you like to meet other people and join together with other tourists on the boat? In this case we can recommend you our open trip packages to Karimunjawa.


2 days 1 night private snorkeling package Karimunjawa

Duration: 2 days, 1 night
Transport type: slow boat (round trip), fast boat (round trip) or combination of slow boat and fast boat.

The schedule of the 2 days 1 night snorkeling package is depended on the day of traveling. As the boat schedule from Jepara is not daily. You can choose below for one of the detailed schedules for your preferred departure day. The schedule will open in an pdf document.

Schedules by flight
The prices in our pricelist for traveling by flight are for flights from and to Semarang airport. Please let us know your preferred travel dates and we will check flight availability accordingly.  In general flight departure times:

From Semarang to Karimunjawa
Departure 11:20 – Arrival 11:50

From Karimunjawa to Semarang
Departure 12:10 – Arrival 12:40

Basic Schedule information by boat
For a detailed schedule information with times please choose one of the departure days above.

Day 1

  • Meeting with our representative at Warung Bu Diyah (a small restaurant in Jepara Kartini Harbour) to collect your tickets for the boat. After receiving the tickets you can continue to board the fast boat Bahari Express or slow boat Siginjai.
  • Fast boat Bahari Express or slow boat Siginjai, from Jepara Kartini Harbour to Karimunjawa harbour.
  • Pick up at Karimunjawa harbour by our agency. We will be waiting you in the harbour with a pick-up sign of Dunia Bintang Tour & Travel. After you will be transported to your accommodation.
  • Free time, lunch at own consumption
  • Transport from your accommodation to Karimunjawa village harbour for the start of a half day snorkeling tour.
  • Half day snorkeling tour. The tour will exist of snorkeling at one of the snorkeling spots in the West of Karimunjawa (for example at Maer, Taka Cendok, Gosong Cemara or at Taka Nemo). When there is enough time we will do snorkeling at a second snorkeling spot. After snorkeling you will continue to Tanjung Gelam Beach to watch the sunset. On the beach you have the option to buy some fresh drinks and snacks (own consumption).
  • Transport from Karimunjawa village harbour to your accommodation.
  • Free time, dinner at own consumption

Day 2

  • Breakfast at your accommodation or a breakfast package to go.
  • Transport from your accommodation to Karimunjawa harbour.
  • Fast boat Bahari Express or slow boat Siginjai, from Karimunjawa harbour to Jepara Kartini Harbour.



By fast boat round trip: starting every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
By slow boat round trip: starting every Wednesday & Saturday
Combination fast & slow boat: starting every Monday
By flight: almost daily options available, please contact us with your dates



  • Tickets round trip:
    • Fast boat price: Fast boat tickets round trip
    • Slow boat price: Slow boat tickets round trip
    • Fast boat & Slow boat: Fast boat tickets one way, slow boat tickets one way
    • Flight: Flight tickets round trip + airport transfer in Karimunjawa
  • Transport in Karimunjawa for check-in and check-out and for start and end of day tour activities.
  • Accommodation: the type of accommodation that is included depends on your accommodation choice.
  • Meals: 1x breakfast (not included at low budget accommodations)
  • Half day snorkeling tour:
    • Boat
    • Guide
    • Snorkeling equipment
    • Life-jacket
    • Underwater camera
    • Parking costs boat
    • Ticket village harbour
    • Aqua


  • Tourist tax Jepara harbour: the government of Jepara may ask for a small tourist tax upon entering the boat. The amount of the tax depends on nationality (foreign or local) and lies between Rp. 5.000 en Rp. 25.000 per person. This tax is not included in the package price as the price depends on nationality.
  • Entrance ticket sharkpool: the sharkpool on Menjangan Besar Island is not an interesting tourist spot for everyone. Our experience: some people love it and some people hate it. When you do wish to visit the sharkpool, please request this during your booking or tell us when you already arrived in Karimunjawa. We will do our best to include a sharkpool visit on request. You will pay extra Rp. 40.000 per person for the entrance ticket.
  • Meals (breakfast at accommodation is included, except from low budget accommodations)


  • Add meals: in Karimunjawa there are at the moment a variety of restaurants, small warungs and a great evening market available. We can understand when you are travelling in a bigger group you prefer to have a buffet prepared for you. The additional price per meal per person depends on the accommodation (as some accommodations charge a restaurant usage fee). The usual additional price is between Rp. 35.000 – Rp. 55.000 per person per meal.
  • Rent a motorbike: when you like to explore the village or watch the sunrise in the early morning it can be nice to rent a motorbike to help you around. We can arrange motorbike rental for additional costs. Half day motorbike rental: Rp. 50.000 (until 6 hours). Full day motorbike rental: Rp. 75.000 (until 12 hours).


We offer transport to Jepara from different cities in Java, Indonesia. Example of transport options:

  • Minibus during the night from Yogyakarta to Jepara (pick up between 23:00 – 24:00 pm, arrival early morning in Jepara harbour)
  • Minibus from Jepara to Yogyakarta (departure around 30 minutes after the boat arrives)
  • Minibus from Jepara to Semarang (departure around 30 minutes after the boat arrives)
  • Minibus from Jepara to Surabaya (departure around 30 minutes after the boat arrives)
  • Private car transport from and to Semarang, Yogyakarta, Magelang, Borobudur, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Bromo, Probolinggo (any preferred time and preferred pick up / drop off address possible)