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Snorkeling packages

Snorkeling packages – Open trip to Karimunjawa

What is an open trip to Karimunjawa?
When you are only traveling with a small group it can be more interesting to join one of our open trips. With these packages you join another group or groups during the day tour activities, like the island hopping and snorkeling tours. Meals and accommodation are still arranged separately according to your request.

Why snorkeling in Karimunjawa?
Snorkeling is the most famous attraction in Karimunjawa. As the beautiful coral lies close to the surface you are able to explore the underwater world right in front of your eyes. We combine the Snorkeling with Island Hopping. The archipelago of Karimunjawa has 27 islands. So also enough islands to explore.

What are the options?
Depending on the time you have to visit Karimunjawa, you can choose one of the below snorkeling packages to Karimunjawa. Of course the longer you stay the more you see. When you have any questions about our snorkeling packages feel free to contact us. We are easy to reach via email and whatsapp. Click here for our contact information.

If you wish to stay longer than four days in Karimunjawa take a look at our Snorkeling and Overland Packages. On request we are also able to extend your stay in Karimunjawa without any extra activities.

Do you prefer a private package?
Maybe you are looking for a romantic holiday for two? Or are you already traveling with a bigger group or family? In this case it can be a good idea to choose for one of our private snorkeling packages (or camping or diving package). For more information about our private snorkeling packages you can click here.