Wings Air charters a ATR 72-600 airplane between Karimunjawa and Semarang. It flies a maximum of 50 people for a short 30 minutes flight. Book your flight ticket to Semarang here with our ticket service so we can ensure a easy travel experience.

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Book your Flight ticket Karimunjawa Package and will arrange you flight ticket to Karimunjawa or Semarang from start to finish. This way you don’t have to worry about the often changing flight schedule, trouble with credit cards and international payments, and luggage discussions at the check-in counter.

Wings Air charters a ATR 72-600 airplane between Karimunjawa and Semarang. It flies a maximum of 50 people for a short 30 minutes flight, a few times a week. The aircraft doesn’t have any business class seats so all passengers will sit in economy class on pre-assigned seats.


The airplane will departure from Dewadaru Airport in Kemujan (Karimunjawa). A small tropical airport, relatively far away from town. Make sure you leave town on time, the process at the airport is very short, however the drive is minimal 40 minutes. After checking in, you can either wait outside until the air plane is about to fly in to the island, before going to security and wait in the waiting area inside. The aircraft does not switch of his motor after arrival as it will directly return to Semarang so the time between arrival from Semarang and departure from Karimunjawa is very short. After the passengers from Semarang left the aircraft, and the crew checked the airplane, passengers to Semarang can board the airplane via the airplane stairs. During a short flight you will be able to take your last photos over the archipelago before arriving at Achmad Yani airport in Semarang. Walk back in to the airport, and wait for you luggage at the luggage belt before continuing your journey home or any where else.

In the high season, the airplane leaves multiple days a week usually just before lunch time, however, the schedule is known to change from time to time so check the current schedule in our Instagram Highlight. We always advise you to check with our agency if there are any schedule changes before planning your trip based on the schedule on our Instagram. As mentioned before, the airplane company is still not as relay able as it should be regarding scheduling.

DEPARTURE The flight will departure 12:10 PM from the Karimunjawa Dewandaru Airport. Make sure you are at the airport to check-in around one hour before your departure.
ARRIVAL The flight will arrive at 12:40 PM at Achmad Yani airport in Semarang.
DURATION The flight between Karimunjawa to Semarang takes around 3o minutes.
PRICE SPECIFICATIONS Please note that the flight price can change depending on the available seats left on the day of your booking. Wings Air will higher their ticket prices if the airplane is getting full, and therefore our agency’s flight prices will go up too. When this is the cause, we will inform you after we checked the availability of your order.

Luggage is not included, as since 2019 all domestic budget flights are without any check-in luggage included. Pre-paid luggae cost Rp. 25.000/kgand luggage booked at the check-in counter Rp. 31.000/kg. Please inform us at check-out how much luggage you like to at to your booking.

KIDS PRICE  Currently we don’t have any updates about the children’s prices for the flight.
SINGLE TICKET & RETOUR It’s possible to book a single ticket from Semarang to Karimunjawa, from Karimunjawa to Semarang or retour. The price above is for a single ticket, however, guest will receive discount booking a retour ticket or booking for a big group. Please contact us for this last option, you will receive a special price.
TAX PAYMENT Guest travelling to Karimunjawa island all need to pay a National park tax coming to Karimunjawa by airplane. Check our FAQ-page for more information about the different kinds of tax. National park tax is not included in the flight ticket prices. On request we are happy to take care of these expenses for you, and will include them on your invoice.


After you place your order and we checked the availability, we will send you a payment request by email. After receiving the payment, we can order the flight tickets for you and send you all the information you need.

As you will receive your flight ticket by for hand, we won’t be meeting you at the airport and it’s your own responsibility to ensure you are on time for your flight. However, we can help you book a car to the airport in Karimunjawa or from the airport in Semarang if that is of any help.

The payment request you receive will contain the full payment for the tickets, the necessary payment information and the request to send us a copy of your passports. For international payments we use both direct transfers and the international payment platform Wise. After your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email. For more information about our booking & cancellation please check our FAQ page or contact us if you have other questions.



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