underwater camera - 1 day rental
underwater camera - 1 day rental
underwater camera - 1 day rental
underwater camera - 1 day rental


Rp150.000 / day

Do you want to capture your trip in Karimunjawa to make sure you will not forgot all these memorable moments. Rent one of our underwater cameras and you will be sure you won’t miss out on anything.

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Would you like to capture your precious moments in Karimunjawa up and underwater? No need to buy an expensive underwater camera, just rent this underwater camera and you will be able to caption all your memorable moments in Karimunjawa island. At the end of the day we will help you with copying the pictures to your USB or Memory Card.

As an travel agency located on a tropical island, we definitely understand if you want to go and explore the island by yourself. That is why we offer water rental for all the essentials you might need when exploring the waters of Karimunjawa. It probably goes without saying that exploring the waters, when renting our equipment, is on your own risk however we are always happy to give you some information before you leave to explore.

PICK UP LOCATION Karimunjawa Package office or at your accommodation in town.
PICK UP TIME Available for pick up from 08:30 am.
DROP BACK LOCATION Karimunjawa Package office or at your accommodation in town.
DROP BACK TIME Not later than 20:00 the same day.
Underwater camera.
Memory card.
Full battery.
Copy of the pictures to your USB or Memory Card.
Tour activities
USB or Memory Card to bring your pictures home on.
  • While renting the underwater camera in Karimunjawa, we will ask you to leave a passport or identity card at our office as deposit. Besides that, we will need prove of accommodation in Karimunjawa and the name of your accommodation. Your personal documents will be returned to you when you drop back the camera at the end of the day.
  • In case of damage done to the camera or loss of the camera you will be asked to replace the broken parts or complete camera.
  • The rental price is for one underwater camera for one day from 09:00 until 20:00. If you want to rent more than one camera, please choose to add multiple cameras in to you cart.
  • Some of our tours already include the rental of an underwater camera. You can check this at the included items at the tour.
  • This type of camera is not suitable for diving tours (to much pressure on the glass screen because of the depth). In case of renting an underwater camera for a diving tour, we will give you another type of camera that is more suitable.
  • The camera rented out can either be a model like the one on the picture or a GoPro camera. This depends on the availability on the day of rental. If both types of cameras are available you will be able to choose which one you want to rent.

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